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In 2013

Sebastian Manten, son of Peter Franz Manten, became a partner, thus initiating the next generation.


... The lower-Rhine master butcher Heinrich Manten established a slaughter house in the city of Geldern. The son of a long-established livestock-trading family was supported by his wife Maria, who handled commercial matters

1950 to 1960

The booming market for meat and the increase in the number of butcheries in Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Krefeld was the basis for the rapid growth of Heinrich Manten's company. Butchers greatly valued the quality of his beef quarters and half pigs.


Weekly slaughter capacities were about 500 swine and 50 cattle—this rose constantly because the customer base was growing beyond the lower Rhine area.


The sons Franz Peter and Heiner Manten took over the management of the family business and, in addition to maintaining business with their large-scale customers, they focused on developing exports to international markets.


The company established a representative in St. Petersburg to open the way to the Eastern European markets. With the aid of in-house refrigeration and freezer facilities, the quality of Manten meat gained the confidence of a growing number of international customers.


The purchase of the company "Fleischmarkt Olpe" expanded family business capacities in particular in the beef market and formed the basis of the company's overall growth.
Whoever said that people from the Sauerland couldn't get along with those from the lower Rhine?
"Quality meat from the lower Rhine" meets with "Meat.Pure.Natural."


With annual sales exceeding EUR 170 million the Manten company is one of the leading family businesses in Germany's meat market.

Today ...

... the company headquarters in Geldern and the Olpe site employ around 400 people who work together to continue to grow the business—with the aim of securing the company's success for decades to come.