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Dear employees: THANK YOU!

In times of crisis it shows who you can rely on. And we at Manten are very happy that we can count on our employees. Thank you!

Especially now the entire meat industry is under observation. Even criticism is not spared. Health Minister of North-Rhine Westfalia, Karl-Josef Laumann, speaks  on WDR-Radio of a "policy of zero tolerance", wants to "dry up this swamp". This was triggered by corona outbreaks in several slaughterhouses.

Minister Laumann has directed that all factory workers nationwide - that is about 20,000 people - be tested for the virus. Furthermore, all residential areas are to be checked.

The Manten company is relaxed about these checks. Five years ago, our partner SUK Service GmbH already presented a sustainable accommodation concept with high hygiene and social standards, which convinced us - and also the controlling authorities at all times.

Our employees from a large number of European nations are accommodated in a decentralised way. "In the interests of integration, their flats are spread out in the surrounding area," explains Detlev Küch, Division Manager at our plant contractor. "And the integration succeeds so well because our employees have been with us for 15 years in some cases.” That's what makes our cooperation so successful - people know each other. In addition, the shared flats are based on team constellations and work shifts. In this way, the daily routines of the inhabitants of a household are similar.

Of course, our employees have now also been tested for SARS-CoV-2. All tests are negative. 

Even the inspectors of the flats tested so far could not criticise anything - thanks to the fact that the residents themselves make sure that the hygiene rules are observed. During our visits, we are greeted by them at the flat door with mouth and nose protection masks. Very exemplary.

We cannot stress enough how important this cooperation and team-spirit is to us. And in times of crisis? Even at a distance, we continue to move closer together. Thank you!

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