Committed, eager to learn and always with an open ear for our customers’ wishes.

Our apprentices can be reached at the following number: +49 28 31 - 93 84 0

Madeleine Vervoorst
Trainee – office management assistant
Anna Seyen
Trainee - office management assistant
Alexander Cox
Trainee - Industrial businessman
Lena Maes
Trainee - Businesswoman in wholesale and foreign trade
Liam van Berlo
Trainee - electronics technician for industrial engineering
Moritz Gerhards
Trainee - Specialist for food technology
Mubin Nasery
Trainee - professional driver
Nico Wibmer
Trainee - IT
Camelia Arion
Trainee - Businesswoman for office management
Denise Goertz
Trainee - industrial clerk
Felix Hlavek
Trainee - Industrial businessman
Joshua Berbalk
Trainee - IT system electronics
Kira Waerder
Trainee - management assistant for wholesale and foreign trade
Niklas Ricker
Trainee - Industrial businessman