Our requirements

To sustain our quality

Above all, we expect our suppliers to maintain the same values with regard to environment and animal protection and quality as we do. For this reason 99 % of all the pigs delivered to us come from QA-certified fatteners.


Moreover, we generally assume that the deliveries that arrive at our plant are marked as salmonella degree one. In addition, we are always happy when the requirements of the association Regionalfenster e.V. are met.

Together on this path

Our suppliers confirm to us all these requirements with their registration; the checking of the information is carried out by us. Should any anomalies appear, we investigate further. It often turns out that something has gone wrong in the technical process of verification.


If however difficulties ever occur with a certification, we get in touch in person and find a solution together with our suppliers.


99 %

of our pigs are QA-certified

Products we can be proud of result from close collaboration.


We are in permanent contact with our suppliers from farms on both sides of the borders in our region. In this way, we ensure the quality of our products by close personal contact.

You can get in touch with our livestock purchasing team on workdays by phone from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.as a rule or send us an e-mail.

Sebastian Manten
Management/Purchasing Manager
Madeleine Vervoorst
Carina Schaffers