Verband der Fleischwirtschaft e.V.

Right in the middle

We are an active member of the Association of the Meat Industry (VdF) and even have a member of the family on the board of the organisation with our managing director Heiner Manten.

So we are in the front row when it comes to representing the interests of our sector, but at the same time we contribute largely to our industrial sector reliably complying with statutory and ethical principles.

Moving mountains

The Association of the Meat Industry looks back on a 90 year history of the association. It is the merger of the Verband des Deutschen Groß- und Außenhandels mit Vieh und Fleisch e.V. (GAVF) (Association of German Wholesale and Export Trade with Livestock and Meat) and the Bundesverband der Versandschlachtereien e.V. (BdV) (Federal Association of Dispatching Slaughterers).

The more than 200 member companies carry out 90 % of all slaughters in Germany and almost the entire import and export.

Support in the association

The association’s overriding goal is the representation of the interests of companies in the meat sector and their strengthening in international competition.

For this purpose the association’s services include, among other things, keeping all members up-to-date with news from the sector and supporting them in fully complying with directives and laws by means of a constantly updated collection of regulations.


For a strong community.