Our demand on ourselves

Our employees are important to us – for we can only manage a future-oriented company together with them. And as they provide us with their manpower every day, it is natural for us to create a secure job for them with pleasant and fair conditions.

For this reason we have devoted ourselves to fulfilling a code of conduct that is based on the social standards of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). We are happy to fulfil this demand on our company – and collaborate exclusively with suppliers and service providers, who also respect these guidelines.


Fairness and Respect

The key focus of the code is on respectful and fair interaction with each other, as a harmonious and productive collaboration can only be guaranteed in this way.

This also includes looking after the health and safety of our employees at their workplaces. They are not exposed to unsafe working conditions at any time and take part in regular training sessions according to statutory and company requirements.

Creating safe workplaces

In this way we can obtain a trusting and long-term employment of our employees.

Compliance with all valid laws and regulations is equally natural for us. The maximum working hours of our employees are based on the statutory regulations. In addition, we commit ourselves to written work contracts, in order to guarantee our employees a secure workplace.

So that you are happy to work for us.