Where we purchase


farming fatteners from our region

Good things are nearby

We have everything we need around the church tower of our village. That is why we purchase mainly from regional farmers, fattening farms and distributors.

This not only has the advantage that we can offer our customers flexible ordering and delivery options due to short transport distances, it also reduces the impact on the environment and the animals.

Conscious of animal welfare and environment

For the transport is kept as short and gentle as possible thanks to the proximity to our local suppliers and the waiting times are kept to a minimum – for the suppliers and in particular for the animals as well. We therefore do our best to implement sustainable management, to give something back to our home country and to protect the nature that surrounds us.

At the same time, we satisfy the statutory requirements and our own ethical claim to animal protection.

Why look further afield, when everything you need is within reach.


We are in permanent contact with our suppliers from farms on both sides of the borders in our region. In this way, we ensure the quality of our products by close personal contact.

You can get in touch with our livestock purchasing team on workdays by phone from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.as a rule or send us an e-mail.

Sebastian Manten
Management/Purchasing Manager
Madeleine Vervoorst
Carina Schaffers