German Meat

Strong together

Germany is one of the top producers of meat within the EU. We are even European champions in export and the production of pork!

It is therefore natural that the German meat sector is characterised by reliability, quality and innovation and always supplies its customers with high-quality products.

Part of the community

We naturally want to contribute to this standard and for this reason are a member of the German Meat GmbH.

The member companies of German Meat stand for always working at the highest technical and hygienic level and under the supervision of regular internal and external controls.

Keeping up the standard

In order to maintain this level, German Meat provides various offers for processing foreign markets for meat and meat products: They assist during the market opening and during distribution and also make a marketing service and market information available.

The goal of German Meat is the promotion of the export of German meat products.


We are happy to commit ourselves, for we always strive to continue developing and therefore open up further markets.