Our path to better energy efficiency and more sustainability

We have taken our first steps towards sustainable energy efficiency and the way forward is clear. We will continue to pursue this course and constantly improve ourselves; for us and our environment.

For more transparency

We are currently assessing our carbon footprint company-wide, to illustrate our influence on the environment. After all, this is the only way to find out where we can do even better. Our forthcoming sustainability report goes even further, as it addresses the ecological, economic, and social influences that we need to confront.

For more responsibility

In addition to our social responsibility, we pay a great deal of attention to pigs as living creatures. Animal welfare has always been important to us, but we will be renewing our focus on it over the coming months.

At the same time we will not neglect the responsible handling of resources, and we continue to work on the design, planning and realisation of energy-related projects that increase our efficiency without putting our effectiveness at risk.

For more sustainability

We’re fully committing ourselves and want to play our part in the implementation of the European Green Deal, which is intended to enable a transformation toward a modern, resource-conserving and competitive economy built on scientifically well-founded knowledge.

This requires the fundamental redesign of previous pathways, so that we in our company can realise economically and socially compatible sustainability and carbon neutrality in order to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

Because we take responsibility.

New compressed-air compressor

Expansion of counter structure with 295 company-wide sensors

  • 145 in the area of temperature
  • 26 in the area of heat
  • 7 in the area of gas
  • 30 in the area of water
  • 5 in the area of compressed air
  • 80 in the area of power
  • 2 in the area of cold


Commissioning of our own photovoltaics system which is operated by Manten

  • 287 kWp, 232,000 kWh/a
  • CO2-savings: approx. 85 t/a (compared to the German power mix)

Cold water disinfection for blade disinfection in butchering

  • Heat energy saving of approx. 300,000 kWh/a
  • Carbon saving of around 60 t/a

New vacuum pumps

  • 11,400 kWh power saving
  • Carbon saving of around 4 t/a

Commissioning of two highly efficient combined heat and power plants

  • Electrical output: 450 kW, 637 kW
  • Thermal output: 480 kW, 680 kW


Commissioning of a photovoltaic plant

  • 174.5 kWp, 141,000 kWh/a
  • Carbon saving: approximately 51.5 t/a (compared to the German power mix)


Commissioning of a photovoltaic plant

  • 21 kWp, 17,000 kWh/a
  • Carbon saving: approximately 6 t/a (compared to the German power mix)


Commissioning of a photovoltaic plant:

  • 94 kWp, 76,000 kWh/a
  • Carbon saving: approximately 28 t/a (compared to the German power mix)


Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency for the purpose of sustainability: that’s what our team is committed to.

We look forward to your questions and suggestions.

Jan-Philipp Nickel
Technical project manager (energy/sustainability)