Packaging and logistics service

Packaged and delivered

We do not employ any external service providers, but perform every step from production to logistics ourself.

That means in concrete terms: We accomplish all processes starting with the slaughter, butchering and finishing of the products through to the packaging and finally the delivery of the orders – and attach great importance to flexibility and individuality.

According to your wish

You can determine whether the merchandise should be packaged fresh, frozen or vacuum-packed.

In addition, we make it possible to supply the delivery right up to the door of our customers’ production facility. With our modern and company-owned fleet of vehicles, we ensure that even short-term orders reach their destination reliably and on time.

100 %

Service: Packaged (fresh, frozen, vacuum packed) and delivered to your production

As individual as you!

You can get in touch with our General order processing team on workdays by phone from 8 a.m. to 5 a rule or send us an e-mail.

Silvia Raspe
General order processing
Alexander Cox
Empties processing
Kira Waerder
Trainee - management assistant for wholesale and foreign trade