Family-run business Manten

Big family …

We are a family-run company, where the values of a family do not stop with the surname “Manten”. Solidarity and respectful interaction with each other runs through all departments and hierarchies in our company – just as regular joint activities, parties and lots of humour simply belong to our company.


… with heart …

That makes working in our company so pleasant as well: For where can work be done in a more relaxed manner than in a family atmosphere, in which you can be sure of the backing of your employees and colleagues?

… and innovation.

This tradition was started in 1951, when master butcher Heinrich Manten opened his slaughterhouse in Geldern on the beautiful Lower Rhine. As a company that has been in family hands since then, we are proud of the existence of our tradition and at the same time that we are a path of constant further development. And that is also the reason that drives and motivates us again and again to organise our company for the future with ambition and the aspiration for innovation.


Our family looks back on successful years. With your help we advance safely towards the future.